Whisky Barrel Gifts

Situated in the heart of Scotland, near Pitlochry, we are fortunate to be surrounded by lovely little independent whisky distilleries. On occasions we are given an old barrel or a handful of staves (the curved sections of Oak) to make use of. The list of items we could make from this delightfully aged Oak is endless. We have designed and honed a range of gifts made from whisky barrels to suit all sorts of special occasions.

Some of the larger pieces of whisky barrel Oak are made into wall clocks, some over a metre long. We don’t like to see any wood go to waste, so even the tiniest pieces are made into wooden rings and jewellery. 

Whisly Barrel Stave Clock

Whisky Barrel Stave Clock

from eco responsibly salvaged Oak

Our most popular gift made from the Oak staves is our Whisky Barrel Pen, these are delightful and practical writing presents, that are extremely tactile and even still have a slight aroma of the fine whisky malt which once infused this wood.

We try to leave the surface of the whisky barrel Oak as natural as possible, letting the aged tones, texture and aroma shine through. A light beeswax is all that we generally apply to seal the wood. To add that finishing touch to the gifts we make, we can usually add a personalised inscription such as names, dates or a short message.

wooden pen in box

Whisky Barrel Fountain Pen

Optional Personalisation

Featured here is our lovely 24 carat gold plate Whisky Barrel Fountain Pen - the aged Oak is rich in colour and character. The fountain pen is incredibly tactile to hold and has a quality nib which gives a lovely smooth writing action.  We supply this gift complete with a presentation box which can be personalised.