‘The Wood Hut’


Wooden Rings

Why choose a wooden ring?

Our handcrafted wooden rings offer a real organic and earthy alternative to run-of-the-mill metal rings. They give a sense of being close to nature and stimulate all the senses, being wonderfully tactile and incredibly beautiful.
Wooden rings are surprisingly comfortable to wear and what better way to celebrate nature than to choose a unique ring made from wood.

How strong are wooden rings?

Naturally the rings I create are not as strong as metal rings but with the right care, and if treated as ‘precious items’, they can give many years of pleasure. Each ring is individually handcrafted from carefully selected beautiful wood, with special attention paid to strength, durability and of course the grain and patternation.
All of our wooden rings are protected with a specially formulated maintenance free hardwearing lacquer. 
However we offer the following advice regarding all wooden rings:
- Do not allow your ring to come into contact with water or moisture (eg hand creams).
- Remove at night and for hand-washing, showering, swimming etc. Remove for carrying out manual tasks or playing sports.
- Do not allow your ring to be subjected to sudden shock or tight grip.

All of our wooden rings carry a one year warranty against breakage, as long as the 'care instructions' above have been adhered to. If you find that you have scratched your ring or that it is losing some of its original lustre through general wear, please return your ring to the workshop for re-polishing, to maintain the protection provided by the lacquer finish.

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Wood And Titanium

Contemporary wood and metal rings

How are the wooden rings sized?

Please ensure that your ring size is measured carefully before you place your order as our rings are made accurately to internationally recognised UK/ US sizes. We have found over the years that our ring sizing gauges are by far the most reliable way to measure the correct ring size required - if using a professional jeweller we recommend that you obtain two sizings if possible as opinions can vary. Please DO NOT print gauges or charts from the internet or use string to measure your ring size as results obtained this way are not reliable enough for our purposes. Please note postage charges may apply for our ring sizing gauges depending on your location.

wooden wedding ring set

Wooden Wedding Ring Sets

We are able to make custom wooden wedding rings from the same section of wood and gemstone adding continuity to your design and a sense of unity.

Our precise construction methods result in rings that are crafted accurately to your required size. The size is repeatedly checked both digitally and manually throughout the manufacture process, as well as at point of dispatch, when it is documented.

However if you find that your finished ring is not quite your desired fit, we can usually adjust the size slightly to suit. We offer this service at a flat rate of £10.00 per ring and would also ask you to bear the cost of postage. (Please note however that in the case of rings that are more than half a size too large the ring would have to be re-made at your cost. Rings that are too small can usually be re-sized by up to one size but in some cases may have to be re-made at your cost, depending on the original thickness of the ring.)
Please note that for rings with an inscription there is an additional charge of £5.00 to re-apply the inscription once the ring is re-sized and in some cases it may unfortunately not be possible to re-apply the inscription. Unfortunately there is no re-sizing option for metal, silver or titanium rings.


Our wooden rings are supplied in a black fully recyclable presentation box as standard with care instructions included and would make an ideal gift for any occasion. Please remember that each ring is individually handcrafted and is therefore totally unique. If desired, a small inscription e.g initials or a date can sometimes be burnt into the inside of the ring to add a personal touch - see individual product details.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.