9th Wedding

Anniversary gifts

There is no doubt that finding a 9th wedding anniversary gift can be difficult. A token of affection handcrafted from Willow is the traditional gift used to celebrate this milestone.
Historically the connection between Willow and the 9th wedding anniversary can be traced back as far as Roman times.
Willow back then as it is now is found in abundance, often lining the banks of waterways and regenerating itself from the smallest of twigs.
Willow is steeped in Celtic mythology and folk law and our ancestors were more than aware of its medicinal and healing properties.
We have designed a range of wooden gifts made from willow, specifically to celebrate this special occasion..
Take a look at the ‘Willow Gifts’ category, where you will find a range of gifts including rings, pens, pendants, jewellery and personalised bookmarks.

wild willow pendants

Wild Willow

Handcrafted in our workshop in Scotland

One of our most popular 9th wedding anniversary gifts has to be our Willow Pendant. We have individually hand carved hundreds of these over the years with no two pendants ever being exactly the same. The grain and colour of the Willow will vary depending on the which part of the tree is used and we do have lumber from varying species of Willow, including Weeping Willow, Wild Willow and Crack or White Willow.

If you feel you have left finding your perfect gift for your anniversary a little late don't worry as you can always give us a call. We can usually accommodate a quick order and in some instances dispatch your gift the same day.
Also if you have seen a particular wooden gift in our range and would like it made from Willow for your 9th anniversary please contact us to discuss.

For more information about personalisation, please see our information page.