Laburnum And Holly Wooden Ring

Laburnum And Holly Wooden Ring


Contrasting Laburnum and Holly tree wood has been seamlessly brought together to produce this lovely court shape wooden ring design, with the creamy Holly wood on the inside and green to brown laburnum on the out side of the ring.

At a slim 6mm wide by 2.6mm in depth, this design has a gentle court D shape profile, a secret layer of micro fibreglass between woods, a durable glass like wood finish and a lovely comfort fit chamfered inside edge, which also aids in removing the ring for washing hands etc.

This is one of our most popular wooden wedding ring designs due to its eco responsible and salvaged material credentials and the included personalisation option which allows a lovely burnt wedding date or initials to be applied to the light coloured internal Holly. Please give inscription detail and ring size when adding to bag.

Handcrafted to order in all UK or US sizes in 3-5 working days, complete with presentation box.

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Wood from two of our favourite and most recognisable trees, Holly and Laburnum, have been given a second life after they lost a couple of branches in a ferocious storm a few years ago. We dried and seasoned the logs over a number of years until they were perfect for handcrafting into wooden rings.

The laburnum wood has a dark green to brown grain whilst the Holly has a grey to creamy white tone. Both woods are a joy to carve and lend themselves wonderfully to wooden jewellery.