Scottish Sand And Three Woods Ring

Scottish Sand And Three Woods Ring


Oak trees, Yew trees, Walnut trees and sand from the West Coast of Scotland have been beautifully married to produce this unique wooden ring design.

Oak, Yew and Walnut wood are highly prized for their durability and beauty. These woods lend themselves beautifully to the craft of making wooden rings and are especially attractive when combined to make a wedding or engagement ring.

The Oak and Walnut outer section incorporates a central accent of sand collected from a beach near Morar on the west coast of Scotland.

The internal Yew liner is secured with a hidden micro fibreglass layer which gives incredible structural strength. This can also be inscribed with a laser burnt personalised inscription, such as initials or wedding date. We can also apply a heart or infinity symbol. Please give inscription details when adding to bag.

Of course these rings are perfect for any occasion, hand-fasting, engagement or as a 5th wedding anniversary gift and can be made to any UK or US ring size. Please give required ring size when adding to bag.

Handcrafted to order in 3-5 working days, complete with presentation box.

🌎Eco Responsible 🌳Locally Harvested Wood

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