Norfolk Fenland Black Oak Pen

Norfolk Fenland Black Oak Pen


This beautiful black wood is formed from majestic ancient Oak trees which lived and fell over 5000 thousand years ago. The trees were preserved in the marshy peat bogs of what we now call the Norfolk Fens. Laying just below the surface and starved of oxygen the acidic boggy conditions slowly turned the wood black over thousands of years.

This ancient wood is now highly prized and used in fine cabinet making, jewellery making and of course lends itself beautifully to our lovely writing instruments .

These wooden pens are fitted with a standard replaceable ballpoint cartridge which is propelled with a smooth twist action.

The pens are fitted with either 24Kt gold plate or chrome fittings (please select below) and are presented in a delightful wooden box which can be personalised with a short inscription e.g ‘Happy 5th Anniversary’ - please give inscription detail in form after adding to bag

Handcrafted and personalised to order in 2-3 working days.

🌎Eco Responsible

Metal Finish:
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