Wooden Wedding Ring From Ancient Elm

Wooden Wedding Ring From Ancient Elm


Naturally all of our wooden rings are suitable for a wedding, however we have specifically identified this lovely natural wood ring design as a great choice for a green or eco wedding ceremony.

This striking wood has been given a second life after the ancient Elm tree from which it comes lost a few branches in a ferocious a storm over 20 years ago. We have carefully dried and nurtured the wood for many years until ready for carving into these truly natural wooden rings.

Each Elm ring has it’s own unique swirling grain pattern and subtle range of colour and will measure 7mm wide by 2.8mm in depth and have a gentle ‘court’ or ‘D’ shaped profile.

Our tried and tested wooden ring construction method which incorporates a secret layer of fibreglass gives great all round strength and durability. Each ring is finished with a maintenance free hardwearing lacquer, that with care will last a lifetime.

A short personalised inscription can be burnt on the inside of the ring e.g name, initials or wedding date - please give inscription details when adding to bag.

Complete with presentation box.

Handcrafted to order in 3-5 working days to all UK and US ring sizes - please give size when ‘adding to bag’.

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Ancient Elm tree used to make our wooden rings

Ancient Elm Tree

Solitary Elm tree with a commanding view high up on the Tay Valley

Elm tree wood

Burr Elm

Elm wood has a fantastic patterns with swirling knots and irregular grain